Farmer’s Market



Kevin Semones
Market Manager
497 Farmers Market Drive
Hillsville, VA 24343


The Southwest Virginia Farmers Market is a State Owned Facility with the Carroll County Board of Supervisors signed as the Market Operator. 

As of July 1, 2014 , the Southwest Virginia Farmers’ Market is is overseen by BRCEDA and under the direction of the Farmers Market Board.  The Farmers Market Board is made up 5 voting members and several advisors appointed by the Carroll County Board of Supervisors and the Market Manager.

The Market has a Wholesale Warehouse that operates year round. The wholesale market distributes local produce to grocery store chains. Cooling, packing, and grading add value to our locally grown fruits and vegetables. Hydro coolers, forced-air coolers, and ice machines keep produce fresh and ready for transport. 

The Market also has a Retail Facility called “Direct Sales” which is the place where the public can come and buy from farmers/vendors year round. Vendors bring a variety of farm fresh produce, produce-related items, in-season plants, and area arts and crafts. The Market provides a “homegrown” atmosphere perfect for your shopping enjoyment!  Feel at home when you buy local to support area growers!

The Administrative Office is located between the Wholesale and the Direct Sales Building. 

The Carroll County Agricultural Fair is held on the Market grounds during the month of August.  The 2014 Fair will be held August 2oth - August 24th!!!

The Carroll County Agricultural Fair was first held in September of 2005.  In 2009, the Southwest VA Farmers Market hosted the Carroll County Agricultural Fair for the first time and will continue to be held annually at the Market grounds.