Clerk of Circuit Court

P O BOX 218
(276) 730-3070
(276) 236-8008 ext 3070

Office Hours:  8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

The duties of the Clerk of the Circuit Court are many and require a thorough knowledge of business and the laws of the Commonwealth.  It is a constitutional office established in the Commonwealth of Virginia in the 1600s.  Carroll County Circuit Court Clerk’s office has records all the way from June 1842 - the year Carroll County was formed.

Circuit Court is the highest court in Carroll with it serving as the court of record for the county.  It appeals to the Virginia Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Virginia. Criminal cases and more serious crimes, such as felonies are tried with a grand jury in circuit court.  Any misdemeanor tried in Circuit Court are appealed by the Carroll County General District Court and/or the Carroll County Juvenile and Domestic Relations court.

Clerk of the Circuit Court
-filing and docketing all criminal and civil law cases
-attendance in Circuit Court to swear witnesses and act as custodian of court files and evidence
-keeping of minutes of all actions of court and submitting reports thereof to the Supreme Court of Virginia
-issuance of subpoena for witnesses and juries for attendance in court
-maintenance of the criminal and civil court dockets
-issuance of attachments and executions following judgments
-collecting and accounting for all fines, costs and fees due to the state and local governments
-preparation of various court orders

Custodian of Vital Records
-recording and indexing all instruments affecting transfer of real estate.
-recording and indexing all orders executed in the Circuit Court
-holding and filing of papers pertaining to loans on personal property
-filing, recording and indexing of judgments and liens
-filing, recording and indexing of maps and plats presented for recordation
-recording and indexing of certificates of partnership and certificates of assumed trade names
-recording, indexing and filing all wills presented for probate

Issue Licenses & Qualifications
-qualification of notaries public
-application and qualification for passports
-qualification of administrators, executors, trustees, guardians and committees
-issuance of marriage licenses
-issuance of concealed handgun permits
-sale of hunting and fishing licenses
-issuance of various bonds required by law
-administer oaths of office