Welcome to the Carroll County Cannery

The Cannery is located just behind the Southwest Virginia Farmers Market Retail Area and the Carroll County Tourism Department’s Visitor’s Center and Strip Mall
on Farmers Market Drive in Hillsville.


You can make an appointment by filling out our Cannery Registration FORM, calling the cannery, by sending a message on Cannery’s Facebook messenger, or by coming in. Appointments may not be necessary in the first few weeks but will be highly recommended as the season goes on.

For important announcements, updates, or pictures visit our Cannery FACEBOOK PAGE

Hours are 7:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.

The Carroll County Cannery has plenty of space and equipment for your canning needs. Bring your ready to can fruits and vegetables and use our cannery to process them in large quantities! 


Guidelines for use of Cannery

To foster a safe and enjoyable experience, guidelines have been developed for those who utilize the cannery facility. We ask that you please be aware of these guidelines and assist in fostering a safe and pleasant experience while using the cannery.  Safety Guidelines and Safe-Handling procedures are posted throughout the Canning Facility and a staff member is always on site to answer any questions.

For more information contact the Cannery at 276.730.3285