Litter Control


The Roadside Litter Control Project, approved by the Board of Supervisors, is held annually from March 1st through April 30th.

Carroll County strongly encourages recycling of any items that might be recycled.  Collection bags may be picked up at the Carroll County Administrator’s Office or the Cana Trash Convenience site beginning the first week of March each year.

The Online Roadside Litter Campaign PROJECT FORM must be used to report the efforts of your organization.

(Pictures are very helpful so do your best to take pictures and upload them on the online report form). Pictures are used when applying for funds for next year’s program.

As you know that the campaign is based on whether or not we are awarded funds to promote the project from the state.

If you have any questions, please call Crystal Adams in the County Administrator’s Office at 276-730-3001.

The Carroll County Board of Supervisors truly appreciates the efforts of all the organizations who participate in this program

The Carroll County/Hillsville SPRING CLEAN UP is held annually during the month of MAY! 

Carroll County is a beautiful place but we still have a problem with litter in parts of our county.

To assist with this issue, the Carroll County Board of Supervisors is working hard to bring programs to the citizens that will help.

The Carroll County is working with Litter complaints and the Assign-A-Highway program.

Ronald Newman, Land Use & Planning Coordinator, is the contact person for litter complaints.  You may contact Ronald at 276-730-3008 or email him at .

Click Here to submit an online litter complaint or call Ronald Newman at 276.730.3008.