Emergency Services Announcements and Class Information


Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Course Scheduled

An Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) course will be held at the Carroll County Fire Rescue building at 499 Floyd Pike in Hillsville starting October 7, 2017 at 10am. Anyone interested should contact the office either by phone 276-730-3195 or by email before October 2, 2017 at 5 p.m. Information that will be needed to register for the class is name, address, phone number, email address and birth date.

The course will be a hybrid of traditional classroom and online education.  Internet access will be needed to do the online assignments.

Students must be 16 years old before the first day of class and anyone under 18 years old will be required to provide a signed consent form from their parent(s), guardian to enroll.

Carroll County will cover the costs of the course fees ($168) for those who agree to become a volunteer for the county or one of its rescue squads or fire departments.  The book is included in an online interactive and audio-book format.  Students can purchase a paper book if desired however it not required.

The student will be responsible to pay the test fee ($50) on the first day of class.  Payment should be made to the lead instructor, Everett Lineberry.

The course will conclude on November 11.  Students who are successful at passing this course will be eligible to take the state practical skills assessment on November 14 in Lebanon, VA and then later for the NREMT written exam.


Carroll County Administrator Steve Truitt announced this morning that the County is investigating options to reorganize its deployment of County Emergency Services equipment and personnel to improve levels of service and response times for all county residents.  A particular focus of the new plan is the southern region of the county “below the mountain”, including Cana and other nearby communities.

The county’s plans, which have not been finalized as to exact numbers, include deploying full-time employees to a permanent location in the Cana area, along with sufficient equipment to enable the team to respond to local emergencies as effectively as possible.  For the next few weeks, Carroll County EMS personnel, supplemented by part-time employees are staffed in the area to ensure timely round-the-clock response until the new plan is fully implemented.

The most likely permanent scenario calls for 6 full-time employees to be deployed, supplying the area with full-time 24-hour coverage.  The new resources will be deployed in a location other than the current Cana Rescue Squad building.  The intent of this action is to significantly reduce average response time for area residents, which varies depending on the availability of local volunteers to respond.  The new plan will also improve the timeliness of call response reporting, due simply to more available manpower to complete it on a timely basis, which helps reduce the cost of providing the services to county residents.

The full-time employees will be teamed with volunteers from the Cana Rescue Squad, who are welcome to continue to volunteer their skills and experience for the benefit of the county.  Truitt emphasized that Carroll County recognizes the value provided by these dedicated volunteers and owes a debt of gratitude for their years of excellent service.  Truitt also noted that this reorganization does not result in a “dissolution” of the Cana rescue squad.  The Cana rescue squad is an independent organization that decides itself whether to dissolve or not.  The County is reorganizing its approach to providing emergency services to residents with the sole goal of improving health and safety outcomes in the area.

The new plan will be phased into operation over the next few weeks and will be finalized in time for the next Carroll County Board of Supervisors Meeting on August 14, 2017.