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Everett Lineberry
Emergency Services Director
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Hillsville, VA 24343
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Emergency Services

The Emergency Services Department is responsible for reducing the loss of life and property from fire, medical and environmental emergencies.  The Emergency Services Department consists of both paid and volunteer Fire and Rescue Departments throughout Carroll County.  This coordinated team of services provides 24-hour protection and response to Carroll County’s residents and visitors.  Carroll County Emergency Services also maintains mutual-aide agreements with surrounding Emergency Services response teams.

Carroll County Fire - Rescue

Carroll County Fire-Rescue is a full-service fire and emergency medical service agency providing basic and advanced pre-hospital life support, fire prevention and education programs, fire suppression services, arson detection, vehicle extrication, and heavy tactical rescue.  The Department also provides dual dispatch on all Fire calls within the Hillsville Volunteer Fire Department service area.  Carroll County Fire-Rescue also provides back-up to Cana Volunteer Fire Department and Laurel Fork Volunteer Fire Department as needed.  Carroll County Fire-Rescue is dispatched for all medical emergencies in the service area as well as providing back-up and ALS services to Volunteer Rescue Squads across the County.

Carroll County Volunteer Departments and Squads

Cana Volunteer Fire Department
Cana Rescue
Hillsville Volunteer Fire Department
Laurel Fork Volunteer Fire Department
Laurel Fork Rescue
Laurel Rescue
Pipers Gap Rescue

Emergency Management

Carroll County Emergency Management acts as a liaison between the Virginia State Emergency Management Division and other state agencies during disasters and works with local Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, EMS, Volunteer Rescue Squads and others, coordinating the planning, response, recovery and mitigation activities for natural and manmade disasters. Additionally, Emergency Management coordinates services with volunteer groups such as Red Cross, and Salvation Army to care for the citizens and visitors in Carroll County. During Federal declared disasters, coordination must be maintained with agencies such a FEMA or for any required military response.